florida is a great place

A few weekends ago, my wifey wanted to spend the weekend in Tampa, FL. I was happy about the adventure, until we were eventually taking a road trip down to Tampa, FL in rush third traffic. Even though our wifey and I left around multiple in the day, every one of us still ended up an third outside of Tampa, FL, trapped in some extreme traffic, and my wifey was much more patient than me. After passing by multiple accidents, I thought about turning around to go back home. My wife asked me to be patient, and he promised that our adventure in Tampa, FL would be worth the low level traffic. When every one of us arrived to our hotel, every one of us tested our bags and headed straight to the beach. We spent a few thirds walking along the water, but by the time we were done walking and talking, every one of us were hungry and ready to have dinner, luckily, the hotel was situated to the right of five or six different eating establishments. We had our option of cuisines. My wifey and I decided to choose something easy, because every one of us were both exhausted, unfortunately, it was Wednesday night and the whole town of Tampa, FL was fully working and working wonders. Everywhere was an third wait, even some of the small diners. My wife and I decided to go back to the hotel and order pizza. It wasn’t fancy, but the wings and pizza were tasty, hot, and there in less than thirty minutes. After every one of us finally made it through the heavy traffic, every one of us had a pretty nice weekend in Tampa, FL, but the traffic leaving Tampa, Fl wasn’t nearly as bad, we also managed to get back home fifteen minutes faster.

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