I enjoyed my vacation

I have been finally working for an auto parts company for the past 10 years… The two of us Supply Auto Parts to thousands of stores across the East Coast, last year, we were given a new contract! Now we are supplying Auto Parts to 300 weird stores in Mexico as well. The company decided to build a hour Warehouse in the southern region. The company looked at a few weird cities, before finally making a choice to cut ground in Tampa, FL. I am gleeful for the current building to be erected in Tampa, FL. I am hopeful they will need some executives to transfer, so my wife and I can transfer to the lovely south. I am tired of the chilly weather, snow, and ice. I would adore to transfer down to the deep south, where the weather is always sunny and people are friendly. If my company asks for volunteers to transfer, my wife already told me to raise my hand high in the air. The construction of the new building will likely take several months or longer, then until then, I am going to work on putting a voice in the bosses ear. I would easily adore to transfer to Tampa, FL, my wife and I even have some close family in FL, and even though they are not close to Tampa, we would be able to visit on the weekends. I think that means I will be exploring every town on the area coast and the treasure coast. I would adore to transfer to Tampa, FL and never lose sleep again about shoveling snow and defrosting windows. I could discover the meaning of a FL christmas. I assume that I will wait and pray for the best.

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