I put in a toilet

One time I called a plumber to show myself and others the location of my main water shut off, I could perform a couple of plumbing repairs on my own, i felt foolish for not knowing the location of my shut off, however the plumber promised me that this was not familiar comprehension, but the plumber showed myself and others how to turn the water on and off. I was happy to try my first plumbing repair last weekend; My fiance was looking to install a modern water saver toilet. The toilet only uses a few gallons of water to flush. It’s supposed to save water and help the environment. My fiance was going to call a local and licensed plumber to install the brand new toilet, despite the fact that I already assured her that I could particularly complete the work. I watched dozens of wide variety of toilet installation videos. YouTube is such a handy thing, because there are literally endless amounts of helpful videos available at the flip of a button. I even found a video that showed the toilet installation for my particular water friendly equipment. I felt confident I could make it happen! I still had a few hiccups along the way, and the toilet installation wasn’t as easy as I expected. Still, I installed the toilet and it is working just fine. It took most of the day, however my fiance was prouder than I can ever remember. I have a feeling that there are a lot of different household repairs that I could tackle on my own. My fiance has been hounding myself and others for a garbage disposal in the kitchen, and I bet I could handle that also. If I watched plumbing videos for an hour, I could have it installed in very little time.

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