There’s many levels to this

I am a cubicle worker during the day. I truly care about laboring in the cubicle office setting. I have my own fun little office space that I decorate & can be sealed off from the world. If I need to talk to any workers I just pop my head up to talk to them. The powder rooms are right there & all snack machines are just down the hall. I just have the right mindset for living in a tiny space. For a long while though, I was a little down about my job. I observed that my cubicle was kind of gross. We have janitors that vacuum the rugs & clean down our equipment, but my cube still looked kind of gross. The arena I put my feet was stained & you could see the path I walked to my chair. The smell from the carpet was starting to get to be a problem. I finally complained about it to my boss about my cubicle conditions & she got right on it with a top tier cleaning service. My boss within the week hired a janitorial company for the cubicle office cleaning. It was amazing the difference in the workplace, then one day I left my cubicle that was stained, dirty & smelly. The next day the office looked brand spanking new. I don’t suppose what they did for carpet cleaning, but it worked. No more smelly stains, only a freshly cleaned smell. My desk, chair & other office components shone with how clean it was too. The janitorial company did such a great job that almost everyone commented on it the next day. My boss says she is going to get the whole office cleaned bi-weekly by the janitorial dealer.

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