What do I do now?

I work for a janitorial service. A lot of people will picture me mopping floors as well as cleaning toilets. But I absolutely do a whole lot more advanced work than that. My supplier can scrub out carpets, add extra shine to granite countertops as well as scrub hardwood. Both of us even do immense office and business cleaning as well as we do floor stripping & waxing in universities. However, the bulk of what our cleaning supplier does is church cleaning surprisingly often. Both of us started off cleaning a single church as well as it just sort of took off from there. All the churches apparently talked to each other as well as spread the good word that the two of us did a wonderful task. Both of us handle the janitorial needs of various churches, synagogues, as well as temples. I would say ninety% of the time at work, I am in a venue of worship cleaning carpets, floors as well as the other common areas. Both of us do a whole range of cleaning. The seats as well as pews can get so scuffed up as well as dirty. Both of us have special methods on how to remove all of the dirt, stains as well as grime from the seats. Both of us scrub out the sanctuary, the children’s areas as well as overall the two of us take care of the facility and its cleanliness. I have to say, I adore cleaning churches way better than homes or other businesses. Both of us come in on a day that they don’t have mass or whatever. The workers as well as I can scrub the whole venue top to bottom with no interruptions. I can blast music at top volume as well as nobody is bothered by it. After it is done, the people in charge are quite grateful for what the two of us have done. Both of us get paid on time as well as get called back quite frequently.

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