My parents really want this

I live in a very old house on the lake, plus it has some complications with ventilation. There are a lot of cracks plus crevices I need to weatherproof every year. The lake home has been in my family for a decade, but none of them visit the place that frequently anymore. I decided to move out to the lake home early last year, when I wanted some peace plus quiet to write my current book. It was so very taxing to find quiet time in the city, plus my publisher was calling every single day. The iPhone was always ringing, plus I heard distractions everywhere. I heard car alarms blaring in the distance, the church bells chiming, plus people yelling at each other in the street. I moved out to this quaint lake house, hoping that I would get some peace plus quiet plus inspiration. I admit that things have been absolutely great, other than the indoor air conditions. The lake home only has a window air conditioner in the living room. It works okay, but the lake home is filled with moisture and humidity. Even when the place is supposed to be cool, it still feels wet. Last weekend I drove into town to speak with my publisher. While I was there, I stopped at the hardware store to find a dehumidifier. I bought a small dehumidifier made for convenient use. I set up the new dehumidifier in the living room, because I regularly have trouble sleeping. After three or four days, the indoor air conditions have changed dramatically. Instead of feeling moist plus damp, the whole place feels crisp. I can’t guess the dehumidifier works so well, plus I’m going to keep using it as long as the outdoor temperature is warm, sticky, plus humid.

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