Carpenter bees in the car

I recently found myself in a situation that I can only describe as something out of a horror motion picture.

Well, to me, it was love a horror motion picture because I am terrified of bees.

I don’t suppose why buzzing, flying, stinging insects love bees, wasps, plus hornets disturb me so much, but I can’t kneel to have a single anywhere near me. So the other day, I was walking out to our automobile to head to the grocery store when a bee flew right past our head plus buzzed in our ear, of course, I screamed plus ran to our car, where I thought it was safe, as fast as I could. But then when I got into our car, I was petrified to see bees crawling out of the air vents in our car! Was nowhere safe? So I jumped back out of the automobile plus hid behind a tree. I saw dozens of bees flying in plus out under the hood of our car! I couldn’t think our eyup at first, but sure enough, there were absolutely bees or wasps residing in our car! I didn’t suppose what to do, but I did suppose that I wasn’t going to be able to get rid of them on our own. I ran inside, slammed the door shut, plus called a professional bee removal expert. They said that they have to deal with bees nesting in or around automobile motors respectfully, plus that they would come over in a couple of hours. The funny thing was, they told me not to drive the automobile because that could agitate the bees. I told the bee removal guy that they didn’t need to worry about me going anywhere near our car! The grocery store could absolutely wait until they exterminated all of those evil bees!


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