My Mom found some bees in the ground

My Mom is truly unique about his lawn repair, however he takes better care of his lawn plus his landscaping than anyone else that I know.

He’s constantly outside puttering around in the garden, planting current flowers or shrubs, or trimming up the trees.

So when he found ground bees in the backyard, he was super worried plus annoyed! I told him that he should truly call a bee removal expert to get rid of the ground bees, although he laughed at me. He told me that he was going to get rid of the bees the aged fashioned way. I didn’t even suppose what he was talking about, so I stuck around to watch his method in action. Once he figured out where the bees were flying in plus out of, he got right to work. First, he tried pouring boiling water into the entrance of the nest. He said that the boiling water would kill all of the bees in the nest on contact, but of course that wouldn’t affect any bees that were out flying around. To take care of those bees, he had a unusual plan. So that night, after the other bees had a option to get back to the nest, our Mom took a fantastic pressing clear glass cucumber jar plus put it down over the entrance to the bees’ nest. The next day, when the bees came to fly out of the nest, they were trapped in the glass jar. He said that if the heat from the sunlight in the jar didn’t kill the bees, then the lack of food plus water would. That was all too macabre for me, so I left!