Her dying wish: “Follow your dreams, now and forever”.

When my grandmother passed, she told myself and others to follow our dreams, no matter what it might cost us to get there.

  • My parents may not have cared for this advice, as they wanted to see me graduate from an Ivy League school with honors.

Truth be told, my grandma’s wishes stuck with more more than anything else. I’d always wanted to get a job where I was able to work on things, and I have always appreciated being able to fix stuff and get it in working condition once more. With that in mind, I decided to go to a trade school to get the HVAC certification I always wanted. My folks initially seemed disappointed by this choice, though they came around after seeing how I absolutely loved my profession. My father is a dentist, my mother is a doctor, and they’ve worked near each other for years. Since they always made great money thought a lot of school was necessary to achieve that level of success, I proved that this wasn’t the case! I was able to get a genuinely fine job, with a minimal amount of schooling involved. I was able to get out in the field in no time after six weeks of training, and then I was making absolutely wonderful money to start with. No student debt, no looming payments for 25 years, none of that! My parents appreciated the fact that I am able to work on their HVAC system too, which I know for a fact has saved them a ton of money. I take a great deal of pride in my line of work and my profession, and one of these days I fully intend to run my own HVAC business. I found my success and followed my dreams, just as my grandma wanted.


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