I really can’t believe I didn’t know about radiant heating sooner

A friend of mine just got radiant heating and I really can’t believe that I didn’t know about it until recently.

I always have thought that I am pretty on top of the newest technology in the HVAC world.

The reason that I know a lot about HVAC is that I really love to be comfortable. I have talked to a ton of HVAC companies about radiant heating now that I have discovered it. I can definitely say that the idea of having my entire heating system under my floor sounds way better than a furnace that breaks on my all the time. I can’t wait until I have saved up enough money to get radiant flooring added to my HVAC system. So far the only new technology I have in my HVAC system is a smart thermostat. I know that if I were to have radiant flooring and a smart thermostat I would be in heaven. I think it is so nice that the smart thermostat can set the temperature in my house based on what will save me money and be most efficient. I can’t believe that we have gone from having a simple fireplace to warm us and now we have heaters built into your home! HVAC technicians in the past would be amazed to see how far all of the technology has come, it really is cool to see everything happening. A friend of mine that is an HVAC technician has told me how much the industry has changed in the last few years. He said he constantly has to go back to his HVAC school to learn more!


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