It cost me a fortune to have my air conditioner recharged

I am the proud owner of an awesome air central air conditioner.

When I first moved into my house, I promised myself that I would never settle for a window air conditioner.

Those air conditioners are noisy and inefficient, and I knew that the central air conditioner would keep my house evenly cool. I have had this central air conditioner for nearly ten years, and it has always worked well. However, this last month, I have noticed that the air from the vent is not as cool as it used to be. My central air conditioner seems to be running constantly, yet the house is not getting as cool as it used to. I was talking to a friend about my central air conditioner, and he suggested that the coolant in my HVAC unit might need to be recharged. He told me that it was something than an HVAC technician would need to do. He gave me the phone number of the HVAC technician that he has always hired to fix his air conditioner and furnace, and I decided to give them a call. After talking with them for a few minutes, the HVAC technician told me that he would come over and recharge my coolant for a very fair price. The HVAC technician was at my house for only a few minutes, and then he walked up and told me that my air conditioner should be running like it used to. Then he gave me the bill. I was shocked! He was charging me a couple of hundred dollars for only a few minutes of work! I got upset, and I told the HVAC technician that I would never ask him to fix my HVAC units again. At least my air conditioner is running well again.


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