The personal trainer made losing the weight seem easy

Tracking those numbers was fantastic motivation

Throughout my school days, I was typically physically active. I loved to go for a run, ride my bicycle, play volleyball as well as rock climb. I never had to bother about what I ate or my weight. After I got married as well as had many youngsters in less than five years, my entire way of life changed drastically. There was no longer time to workout or play athletic interests. Taking care of the youngsters was my number one priority. I found it basically impossible to lose the baby weight, as well as I was rather unhappy with my appearance. I couldn’t fit into any of my older clothes as well as my confidence suffered tremendously. As the youngster got a little older, I tried all kinds of diets as well as workouts without any luck. I’d acquired so much weight, I no longer looked or felt like the same guy as well as I became extremely depressed. My wife decided to have me meet with a personal trainer. I didn’t know what to expect as well as was a bit intimidated. However, the initial consultation set my mind at rest. The trainer asked me all sorts of questions about my yearly routine, eating habits, issues as well as target weight. We discussed the activities I used to enjoy as well as my demanding schedule. The personal trainer then sent me to speak with a nutritionist, who provided a day-by-day meal plan that was really good. Along with the starting a fitness regiment, I changed my way of eating altogether. I began to feel a great deal better within weeks. By the end of the first week, I saw a nice change in my body! Every time I showed up for a serious workout session, the personal trainer had me step on the scale as well as measured my body fat altogether. Tracking those numbers was fantastic motivation. Every little success made me even more determined to achieve my personal goals. Although I am now back down to what I weighed back in college and I’m feeling absolutely fantastic about myself, I continue to meet with my personal trainer to improve myself further.

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