Gymnast seeking well-rounded workout routine – serious callers only!

Training as a gymnast since an early age was a great thing for my health.

I was growing up and continuing to progress and compete in my sport, as I advanced through the various levels in school and ultimately went to college on a scholarship earned via participating in this sport.

I competed and did well enough in school, though it was never any goal of mine to become an Olympian – it was certainly an appealing thought though! I simply enjoyed the interest itself, and found myself achieving new levels of skill with it. Although I’ve graduated from school and found my own job, I still actively work on our gymnastics! I’ve noticed though, how my sport targets only some muscles of the human body. Some areas of our body were over-developed, and in turn more prone to injury from being overworked. Meanwhile, others were totally neglected! Everything I did for fitness was related to gymnastics, and gymnastics alone. Each workout included nothing but handstands, walkovers, back handsprings, tucks and more! Sure, my thighs, triceps and abdominal muscles were always under stress, but my biceps were largely ignored. I wasn’t a fan of that at all! The appearance my body was lacking, so I wanted to become a more well-rounded athlete. Having no idea of how to go about any other style of training, I contacted a personal trainer. From there, I explained the situation as cohesively as I could. Thankfully, she was able to set up a more complete exercise regimen, and now there’s all this low-weight, high-repetition weight training that I do on a regular basis. Can’t argue with the results, that’s for sure!

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