Money seems to be the number one way to stay fit and healthy with age, doesn’t it?

A ton of film stars get better looking as they get older.

Why? Is it just me, or are they improving with age? I know this happens since they’re making way more cash than most of us, and can quickly afford to take better care of themselves. Just look at Tom Cruise, who does all those Mission Impossible films. He was this hilariously pale dude with messed up teeth and a goofy looking face in general. Now look at him! Tan, gorgeous, perfect hair, straight white teeth – and a much better build. The guy performs his own stunts on all of his films, for crying out loud! He must be in terrific physical shape to pull it off, right? He must have one of those personal chefs – you know, the ones that regulate his diet very carefully. Tom Cruise eating Burger King and snacking on potato chips just doesn’t seem right in my head, even for a cheat meal! I suspect he also has a personal trainer – one that works with him every single day to keep him in fighting form. Tom Cruise’s workouts must be totally planned out to supply maximum rewards for the guy. The personal trainer most likely incorporates the right amount of cardio, which helps to minimize fat and keep him looking sleek and trim. Working out every afternoon is good and well, but I don’t have a personal trainer to keep me motivated like that! Otherwise, I would be using a nutritionist, personal chef and personal trainer to keep me looking at my personal best.


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