Divorce is hard on everyone in the family

Everyone in my family was shocked and surprised when my wife and I decided to get a divorce.

We never argued in front of anyone, but we sure had a lot of problems.

I think a lot of things changed when my wife came home from the military. She was much different and easily angered. I think we fell out of love and neither one of us tried to get it back. Instead, we gave up and decided to get a divorce. My wife stayed in the house with our two kids, and I decided to move out and get an apartment of my own. It’s hard to pay the bills and still provide enough support for my family. My wife and I get along much better when we don’t live in the same house, so I know this is the only solution. I talked to my boss about getting more hours, and he said that summer is right around the corner. We have a lot of business during the summer, because everyone is using their AC. I am a certified AC technician, and I usually work on repairs and installations. I have been with the same AC repair company for several years. I would consider it my boss to be a friend. We often go fishing together when we have a day off. He agreed to give me more hours once the busy summer season starts. We will have a ton of overtime with summer AC repairs. I want my kids to be happy, and that means doing everything I can to provide a financially and emotionally stable home.



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