I had to scrimp on food expenses for a while to afford a new AC system

It hasn’t been easy since I lost my job.

There was a huge downturn in my industry, which involves working at shipping ports to help unload cargo loads for various distributors.

I don’t know if I wasn’t meeting the right quota any longer or if there were widespread layoffs, but it didn’t matter in the end when I was jobless either way. It was scary wondering how I would pay my bills without a steady stream of income. On top of it all, there were repairs around the house that needed to be addressed regardless of whether or not I could afford them. I worried more than anything else about my central air conditioning system. The cycles were taking longer each time I would try to turn the air conditioning down lower in my house. I was also noticing that it was struggling to maintain the temperature at the thresholds I would select on the thermostat. Eventually, I realized I needed a new air conditioner after 16 years of continual use with the existing one. But if I wanted to afford the new air conditioner, I had to scrimp and save anywhere I could, and that included food. I stopped eating take out of any kind and instead switched to cooking all of my meals for myself. Granted, it wasn’t the largest savings imaginable, but it made enough of a difference where I could manage a payment plan with the heating and cooling business. It stings knowing I have an expensive air conditioner to pay off, but I am thankful more than anything knowing that I have a working air conditioner once again, despite being unemployed still.


Cooling specialist