That could have been bad

I just about breaking my ankle Last year when I was up on a ladder trying to clean out my air vents.

Let me put it this way, I’m one of those people who always tries to save currency on things, and i’m always looking for a nice sale or a good deal,, especially when it comes to things like my Heating plus A/C method and doing Heating and A/C repairs or improvements.

I knew that the ventilation ducts in my condo truly needed to be cleaned out, because I haven’t had the air ducts cleaned once due to the fact that we had moved into our condo more than four years ago! I know that sounds disgusting, however having clean air ducts has never easily made it to the top of my priority list for some reason. With that being said, I wanted to clean out the ventilation ducts however when I looked online at our local heating plus cooling corporation’s website, I thought that the pricing was way too much. I mean, how taxing can it be to vacuum out your air ducts and your cooling system vents? Well, it turns out that it’s unquestionably hard! I started off strong, sucking the dust plus dirt out of the heating vents in the upstairs bathroom, however but then the moment that I wanted to clean the air vents on the ceiling in the hallway, I had to use a ladder. I ended up almost chopping my ankle when I stumbled off the ladder while trying to get to the rear of the last air vent! Turns out that paying an Heating and A/C professional is not the worst method in the world, regardless of what the cost is.



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