Working on the side

I recently got a job working area time for a local heating and air conditioner contractor, but this labor is pretty great for myself and others since it is in the accounting department; And also, because I am working for an independent heating and air conditioner contractor, I can do all our labor from home! I have undoubtedly never even met the independent heating and air conditioner contractor I labor for as I picked this job up online from an ad on craigslist.

The heating and cooling contractor is in another state, actually. I have of course spoke to him on the iphone various times and he emails myself and others our work. I usually do his accounting for labor him 3 mornings out of the week. And it is all done on our own time and seconds. As long as all of the labor is done by the end of the night, I am great to go. I have to say that I do not know a single thing about heating and air conditioner technology nor heating and air conditioner repair. It is all a mystery to me. Because in our job, I am just working with numbers and money; Which is what I do best. I labor at a bank for our main job, so this area time labor from current home job for the heating and air conditioner contractor is just more of the same type banking style work, but doing it all from the indoor comfort of our own home. This job won’t last forever I am sure, but for now it is legitimately nice extra income.



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