My dad says you always get what you pay for

My dad says that in this life, you always get what you pay for.

I always used to think that he was just being paranoid or that he was super pessimistic or something.

But the older I get, the more I think that he’s probably right. When you get older, you start to realize that certain things are worth paying more for. In my opinion, this is especially true when it comes to things like used cars, plastic wrap, and most importantly, your HVAC company. For years, I tried to save money on my heating and cooling bills by paying a less than stellar HVAC technician on the sly to come and fix my furnace and my central air conditioning unit for me. He was moonlighting from his regular job at an HVAC company here in town just so that he could make a little extra cash on the side. The good news was I was getting my HVAC service done super cheap and on the down low. The bad news about all of this was that whenever the A/C maintenance didn’t work, there wasn’t a company that I could call and complain too. Plus, his work wasn’t insured because he wasn’t working for a company. My A/C totally went on the blink after one of his trips to maintain it before the summer, and there was very little that I could do about it. That’s when I realized that I was playing right into the words of wisdom that my dad always told me. I was indeed getting exactly what I paid for. If I had coughed up the money for a reputable HVAC company to come and do all of my service work for me, then I would have been able to trust their reputation and warranty.

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