There are pretty dire consequences when you don’t keep your HVAC maintained

When you’re someone who doesn’t do well at keeping your HVAC system maintained, you can end up facing some pretty dire consequences.

I feel like I can say this with a certain degree of certainty, since I am that someone! I never remember to get my air conditioning system maintained or tuned up before the hot weather starts, and this year, that has really come back to bite me.

I feel pretty stupid about the whole thing, because the problem that I’m now having with my air conditioning unit could have easily been avoided if I had only taken care of it like I should have. At least that’s what my HVAC technician told me when I called him to come and fix it for me. He said that if I had called them when the weather first started heating up, then they could have changed the air filter and done all of the necessary maintenance for me and everything would have been fine. But since I tried to run the A/C before it was clean and ready for the summer, I ended up tearing it up. Let me just tell you, I had to pay way more for an emergency air conditioning repair than I would have paid to get regular service done. After that giant air conditioning repair bill, I have decided that from now on, I will definitely be enrolling in some sort of quarterly maintenance plan for my HVAC system. That way, I won’t have to worry about remembering to schedule maintenance work at all.

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