College admission printing is time consuming

I work at the college.

What I do is paperwork.

I help students file paperwork for car tags, student IDs, schedules, schedule changes and maps. While keeping up with this doesn’t seem hard, it is a lot of tedious work. I don’t know how much you know about university admission but they go through a lot of papers plus pamphlets. I mean I have a lot of papers on my desk. They need to come from somewhere. They need to be colored, cut and sized differently too. Sometimes I need them punched or laminated as well. The student ID’s for example require lamination, cut and punched. I swear, I think the admission office should have their own commercial printing business running out of there. It’s hard to keep up with the demands and send all my orders in to be printed off. The printer just cannot keep up with the demand and- due to the sheer amount of volume, most of the work is wrought with errors. I’ve been assigned to help the admission office with their printing needs. It is horrible doing all the printing, cutting and laminating. It is time consuming and not in my job description. I have been thinking about commercial printing services. I might get a commercial printer for the office itself. That way, if there is a pamphlet or information sheet that needs printing, it can be done by a bigger, faster printer. Maybe we need to hire out for printing service too. It might make things faster.



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