It’s best to work on even air distribution in your residence

I recently picked up some portable UV air purifiers & portable A/C machines.

The whole idea was to save currency on energy use with the a/c machine, & to get excellent air quality with the portable UV air purifiers! One thing I have come to learn is that it is important to make it all work out the best way possible.

To do this, you have even air flow distribution. I figured out a wonderful way to accomplish this. While I run my portable A/C machines & my portable UV air purifiers I also run a few floor fans on the low setting. By running these floor fans, they make it so that the air in the residence coming from both the UV air purifiers & the A/C machines flow evenly & do what they are supposed to do. Before I figured this out, I was feeling as if the air purification & the cool air was just not doing the trick. I was about to lay down thousands of dollars & simply invest in the most powerful, modern & excellent central heating & A/C machine as well as one of those ultra costly whole residence UV air purifiers to go with it! Thankfully because of an article I was looking at online I was able to find out about this cool little trick that works surprisingly well! Ever since I began doing this I have the most wonderful air quality, air flow & best cool air flowing through my residence that I live in. Also, my utility bills are lower than when I used to run the central heating & A/C machine all the time.


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