HEPA air filters are the way to go

I was super angry with myself because I had to contact a plumber to unclog my washroom sink! The sink ended up getting obstructed because I decided to try these modern washable air filters for my central heating & a/c system.

The washable air filters were just coming on the market & they were some modern brand that was supposed to be the greatest thing to ever hit the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C market.

Honestly, the truth of the matter is that they are horrible at filtering the air! I was always having to clean the washable air filters every few weeks! It was ridiculous. To make things worse, the washable air filters were shedding a lot every single time. That is how cheaply they were made, and that shedding of the washable air filters was getting into the wash room’s sink. This was causing the drain to become obstructed & I needed to contact a plumber! If I hadn’t listened to that pushy person at the hardware store about how terrific these modern washable air filters were, I wouldn’t be spending hundreds of dollars on a plumber right now! I need to sue the hardware store in small claims court for selling me an awful washable air filter! I will never go to this hardware store again, I’ll tell you that much. That store lost a customer. I’m going to go out & find the usual HEPA air filters that I always buy. At least with HEPA air filters I know they’ll last and work.


HEPA filter