I’m only going to buy HEPA air filters from here on out

I was very angry with myself! I had to hire a plumber to unclog my kitchen sink! The sink was jammed because I decided to try out a modern washable air filter for my central heating plus AC unit.

However, these washable air filters had just been released to the public plus they were some modern brand that was supposed to be the greatest thing to ever hit the Heating and A/C market.

The truth of the matter is that they are a major piece of junk! I was always needing to wash the washable air filters every two weeks! It was horrible, and not to mention, that the washable air filters would shed a ton of fibers everywhere. That is how cheap they were made. And the shedding of the washable air filters was getting into my washer room’s sink was the reason my drain was jammed plus I needed to find a plumber! If I’d not listened to that awful salesman at the hardware store about how amazing these modern washable air filters were, I wouldn’t be having to spend a ton of money on a plumber right now! I should sue that hardware store in small claims for the situation. Selling myself and others bad washable air filters is not good! I’ll never shop at the same hardware store again.They lost a customer and I’m going to go out plus find regular HEPA air filters that I’m used to buying. At least with HEPA air filters I can trust them to filter the air!

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