I don’t know if I should just stay home

I’m wondering if it’s safe to leave my home unattended when we have our new HVAC technicians come out to work on our air conditioning unit this week.

I have all kinds of things going on this week and I really don’t have time to wait around and make sure that no one is snooping or stealing anything from us.

However, I don’t know any of these new HVAC technicians, either. We had to get a new HVAC company to work on our HVAC system for us this year when our old one ended up going out of business. We had been using the old HVAC company for many years and so switching to a new one was a little bit difficult for us. I mean, when we used to use the other company, we would just leave the house and let them come in and go out as they pleased. We trusted those guys because we knew the owners of the HVAC company and we had been using the HVAC technicians for years. Now, I’m worried about the fact that we are going to be dealing with some new guys that we have never even seen before. I just don’t feel all that comfortable letting them come into my house, especially with giving them my garage code and everything. I guess it’s probably fine because they are licensed and insured since they are a reputable HVAC company. I guess I just have a weird feeling about it for some reason. Maybe I’ll try to reschedule this appointment until I can be there to meet them for the first time.
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