My wife doesn’t want to get a smart thermostat

My wife Yvonne doesn’t want to get a smart thermostat for our house, but I really think that in the long run, it will help us to keep the bills paid for our heating and cooling needs.

I know that smart thermostats have a lot of great features and I personally would like to be using them in our house! For instance, smart thermostats can learn your family’s schedule and their temperature preferences and then the heating and cooling system will start following that schedule. Having the heating and cooling system run only when it needs to will end up saving lots of money on energy bills in the long run, too, but my wife can’t seem to understand the value in that. She just thinks that a smart thermostat will be one more thing that she will have to learn how to use and that it will tear up in the near future. Yvonne never has good luck with anything that has to do with technology, and so I can kind of understand her trepidation behind switching over to a new smart thermostat. However, I just keep on extolling the virtues of the smart thermostat in the hopes that one day she will decide that we need one of these little beauties in our house too. I think that a smart thermostat will be a fantastic addition to our home’s HVAC system. I know that it would be great for us if I can just get her to agree to give it a try. I’m just going to keep working on her.


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