Our new house has some weird features

When we first moved in, we noticed that the house that we live in now had some really weird features in it.

There is a door that leads to nowhere, there are random built-in shelves all over the walls, and strangely enough, the heating and cooling vents point right out the doors of each room.

I was really confused at first about why things were like this, but I guess the guy who originally built the house did everything himself. Apparently, he fancied himself as a complete do it yourself kind of guy and he didn’t ever want to hire anyone to help him with the house project. Apparently, that included getting a general contractor or a heating and cooling technician to help him with the house. I guess he did everything the way that he thought it should be done, but it certainly is weird. I love the house, but I can’t stand all of the weird stuff in it and that’s especially true when it comes to the heating and cooling system. At first, I couldn’t figure out why in the world the rooms wouldn’t start cooling off whenever I would turn the air conditioning down on the thermostat. That’s when I realized that the air conditioning and heating vents were all pointed at the doors of the rooms! If I wanted a room to start cooling off in the summertime, then I would have to close the door to the room securely so that the air could actually circulate inside of the room. It was really a crazy set up and I can only assume that the guy who built the place just didn’t know what he was doing.



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