The floors were on fire

The other addition was putting in radiant heated floors for the entire home.

I think most kids have played the classic game “the floor is lava.” Certainly you’ve heard of the old childhood classic, if you haven’t participated yourself. When I was younger, we were obsessed with playing this game every moment of the day. My parents went borderline crazy when we were climbing around on all of their furniture, hanging off the light fixtures trying to avoid the feeling of carpet beneath our toes. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like had they installed the heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment that we have today. You see, we no longer use a basic forced air furnace in our family. After years of operating a basic gas powered heating source, we went out and installed far more eco friendly heating, cooling, and ventilation control devices. It all started when we got a geothermal heat pump, which works wonders to manage our indoor air temperature. The thing is amazing, because the geothermal heat pump doesn’t even consume any external energy. The system works by transferring free energy between the earth and our house, which feels amazing. The other addition was putting in radiant heated floors for the entire home. Now we have even, consistent heat throughout the house and we never have to worry about ductwork. But, putting together the heated floors and the geothermal heat source, I think that “the floor is lava” has a whole new meaning around here. When my nieces come over to play, they spend the entire week trying to avoid our amazing indoor air temperature control system in the floors.
a/c professional