Doing the HVAC chores keeps the HVAC equipment in shape

I really don’t mind taking the time to do the little things.

My life isn’t so rushed and hurried that I can’t pay attention to the chores at home.

One of the benefits of working from home in the air conditioning of my house is that I can do stuff around here through the day. Actually, it’s sort of nice to get up from work every few hours to do a quick chore around the house. This has made me the chief laundry officer, cook and grocery getter as well. That’s fine. I definitely didn’t mind taking on those responsibilities when I left the zone controlled HVAC comfort of the office to work remotely. As a matter of fact, the HVAC chores are another one of those things that is done consistently now that I work from home. Those heating and cooling chores start with changing the HVAC air filter each month. Making sure there is a clean air filter is so essential to the health of the HVAC equipment. When the air filter gets clogged and dirty, this forces the HVAC unit to work harder in order to get the air flow it needs. This is a waste of resources as well as unnecessary strain on the HVAC equipment. When I change the HVAC air filter, I also do a few other HVAC related chores. There is the quick walk through the house to be sure that all the ductwork air vents are open and unobstructed. Plus, I take a look at the HVAC cabinet outside to be sure that it’s free of debris and unobstructed as well.


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