Home improvements get the ductless HVAC touch

When my wife’s aunt died, she ended up leaving her some money.

It was a fairly substantial sum that we had no idea would ever be coming our way.

This money was quite the blessing as it hit at a time that we were sort of overdue on some home projects. With the windfall from my wife’s aunt, we were able to get the home improvements going. One thing that was high on our list for the house was finishing off the basement. This was something that I sort of had been going at for a while. But I still had a ways to go and needed to have some heating and cooling for the basement as well. There was but one HVAC ductwork vent in the basement. And that just wouldn’t do. So with the money from the aunt, I was able to call up the HVAC company and have them come have a look. The HVAC professional came out and performed a thorough inspection. I was hoping to just add more ductwork but that wasn’t going to happen. The one HVAC vent was not meant to do any more than help some with humidity balance. To really get the heating and cooling we wanted, we needed an separate HVAC unit. That’s when the HVAC professional suggested the ductless mini split. I wasn’t familiar with the ductless heat pump but was interested because it was in our price range. The HVAC company installed a ductless heat pump in the basement once I finished everything else up. I’m so pleased to have wonderful, quality heating and air down there now.

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