Not too soon to think about summer HVAC savings

The holidays are different a bit when you live where I do.

For one, there is no chance that there will be a white Christmas. This area just doesn’t see snow. Actually, it’s rare that we even see temperatures at or at all below freezing. No, the really HVAC concern around here is managing the heat during the summer. Our heat is really something. There are four straight months and then some where the temperature hangs right around the triple digit mark. Throw in a huge amount of humidity and this situation calls for a whole lot of HVAC cooling. I can’t really even imagine trying to get through the summer without air conditioning. At the same time, you have to be a bit judicious with the thermostat settings or you’ll go broke. Just setting the thermostat in the low 70’s and forgetting it isn’t an option for me. So I find that it’s never too early to start thinking of added strategies for addressing the HVAC cooling in summer. Of course, I always get the air conditioning tune-up to start the summer. That allows the heat pump to run at peak efficiency. Same goes for keeping thermostat discipline and making sure the house is sealed tight to keep the HVAC cooling on the inside. Also, we keep the drapes pulled on all windows that get direct sunlight heating. But there are other things one can add to these basics to get the very most from our HVAC cooling. This year, I think I’m going to cook only outside on the grill in order not to heat up the house by using the stove or the oven.


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