My fireplace is broken

However, I needed a house badly, plus this was the only a single that caught our interest

I have no plan what is wrong with the fireplace, however the fireplace is really broken, plus that makes myself and others entirely sad. I really wanted to have a working fireplace. When I initially decided to check out the apartment, a single of the features that I was most happy about was the fireplace. Now, the fireplace was not the kind of fireplace that could upgrade the gas furnace. Instead, this was a fireplace just to add a lovely ambiance to the living room… Unluckyly, it was not meant to be. I contacted the proprietor plus met his to inspect the house plus decide if this was the house that I wanted to rent. While there were really some concerns due to the age of the house, it was a nice fit for us. However, when I asked his about the fireplace, he told myself and others that it did not work. There was no explanation for why the fireplace did not work. She mentioned that they decided that since the gas furnace worked well enough to keep the entire house heated, they decided that fixing the fireplace was unnecessary. I completely disagreed. The fireplace had a unusual purpose than the gas furnace, plus there is no upgradement. However, I needed a house badly, plus this was the only a single that caught our interest. Even with a broken fireplace, my husband plus I decided to rent it anyway. The two of us are still blissful that the gas furnace works well, however I wish they would just spend the money to have the fireplace repaired. I wonder how much it would cost to repair the fireplace.

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