Finally getting the HVAC duct cleaned

I cannot remember the last time that I had our HVAC duct cleaned.

I know that’s kind of a gross thing to admit, especially considering how much dust & dirt collects in our home.

However right away I just have not seen the need to clean it. I have had much more important things to worry about & taking care of our heating, ventilation, & A/C plan has just slipped our mind. However, our wife reminded me that it had been 8 weeks since we had any kind of Heating & Air Conditioning service & that we actually should have the heating & cooling plan looked at plus have the HVAC duct cleaned, & have the HVAC duct resealed. I’d dreaded the system of the appointment but I knew it was necessary. I knew that it was necessary because we had to make sure that our heating, ventilation, & A/C plan was taken care of if we wanted to continue to have it have a fine life. However at the same time I hated having people come over to our current home & I did not enjoy having to deal with the heating, ventilation, & A/C professionals. Sure, they’re nice & all & they do a fine task but I do not enjoy having to worry about having some stranger in our current home while I wait for them to service our things. When somebody’s in our current home I cannot walk around in our pajamas all day eating Doritos on our day off. The appointment was scheduled & the Heating & A/C professional arrived at our beach current home & cleaned our HVAC duct as was needed. On the bright side the heating & cooling plan got a clean bill of health & the cooling specialist said that it should last for several more years to come.

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