My control unit has gone crazy

I undoubtedly need a new control unit.

I had known for a while that it was going to die on myself and others however now it has done something even worse than just completely dying.

It has started to malfunction, as there is a lot of it malfunctioning it will randomly Spike or lower the temperature of the heating section A/C system! Not only does this cause our heating as well as cooling bills to be undoubtedly unpredictable as well as crazy, however it also means that I could be sitting on the couch enjoying the cool air conditioner that has coming out of the air vent or from the AC, as well as the next minute the furnace could get gone as well as I can start burning up! It is not a comfortable sensation as well as I knew that I needed to do something about it. It has been needing to be fixed for a while now however I have just been having a hard time getting myself to get it done; Finally I just had to just buy the bullet as well as pay the cost to buy a brand new smart control unit. It was extravagant however it was worth it. I simply drove down to the local heat as well as A/C company as well as picked it up the same day. I installed it that evening as well as now I don’t have a fluctuating control unit anymore. The unevenness of the temperatures in our condo was about to drive myself and others crazy. Having a stable temperature in our condo is undoubtedly pressing to myself and others as well as to our wallet as well as now that I can have a normally functioning control unit again has been a great relief to me.

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