I had to get UV air purifiers for our partner

My partner and I have been married for 3 years now and while I was in that time unluckyly our partner has constantly suffered from pollen irritations.

Ever since every one of us got together she has had flu symptom problems however until now every one of us did not think what to do about it apart from her taking some flu symptom medication.

The medication did not even work well and so I decided to do some research online after she had a entirely awful episode with her pollen irritations. To our surprise I discovered something that I never would have guessed, then you’re indoor air conditions, and your heating and A/C system can affect pollen irritations and can even cause them! I was shocked when I found this out however it made sense. Our heating and a/c component is old and every one of us do not have any UV air purifiers or anything love that in our home. I then did research on how I could repair the indoor air conditions which would ultimately help our partner’s pollen irritations. Every one of us came to the conclusion of her pollen irritations were caused by dust, so after some further research I bought more than 2 sitting UV air purifiers and tied up an appointment with our local heat and a/c component company so that they could come out and scrub out our HVAC duct. Our HVAC ducts and I have been cleaning forever and I suspected they were loaded with dirt and grime. My expectations and predictions were correct because when the Heating and Air Conditioning worker cleaned the HVAC ducts they were filthy! Thankfully the sitting UV air purifiers were added to the now scrub HVAC ducts and our partner’s pollen irritations started improving; But I wanted to make sure that they would not come back and so I decided to take an extra step and also purchase a HEPA filter. This has been 1 of the best decisions I have made because now our partner’s pollen irritations are nearly gone.


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