The a/c did not work because of the air filters

Just the other day I made 1 of the dumbest mistakes.

  • I think this is going to sound entirely surprising but I did not think that a heating and cooling system needed air filters to work.

I was having trouble getting the a/c component to come on and I was legitimately gleeful when I realized I would have to call a heating and A/C company and have them send out a worker to come over to our cabin and repair the issue; When the Heating and Air Conditioning worker arrived at our cabin 1 of the first things she did was check the air filter. She asked me how long it had been since I have been changed and I stood there completely dumbfounded by her question and said I had no system that you were supposed to change the air filter. I could tell that she was having a hard time not laughing at me, and I realized what a stupid mistake had made. She went over to our air filter and removed it, but unsurprisingly, it was thick with dust and dirt. The heating and cooling woman was entirely nice and decided to go ahead and supply me a free air filter and she changed it out for me. I was legitimately appreciative of her kind gesture and then she gave me some advice on how to officially care for our heating and A/C system. She told me the best thing I could do was to change out the air filter every few months. I listened legitimately carefully to everything she told me and was careful to implement all of them into our heating and cooling care routine. She then ran over to the control component and absolutely turned on the a/c component to show me that it was working before she said goodbye and left. I was just so gleeful that our A/C wasn’t broken after all and that it was just a mistake that I had made by not increasing the air filter that was causing it to not work.

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