Never have really cared for gambling

Gambling at casinos has never been something that I have enjoyed in the past.

I have tried it on many occasions and there are just too many things that don’t truly work for me.

I would say that the main thing is the assorted hot and cold temperatures that are in places of gambling, especially casinos. One moment the central heating and cooling appliance will be working nice and then the next it is not working good at all. Heating and a/c appliances along with indoor comfort entirely plays a major part on how nice you gamble. I actually feel that the owners of casinos mess with the central heating and a/c off and on to make people lose on purpose. That is my personal theory and personal opinion all in one. I bet numerous people never thought of the fact of how much heating and a/c plays a critical part on how well or how disappointing you do at gambling. That was certainly one of the setbacks with me and why gambling is not for me. I can not easily stand to be in places where the heating and the a/c appliances are not proper. Heating and a/c appliances are very important to me in life. So naturally it will also be the same if I am in some kind of casino trying my hand at gambling… What I am saying about how they mess with the heating and a/c isn’t especially easy to be proven, however just go into any aged casino at varying times of the afternoon and you will see what I mean about the heating and the a/c appliances in those places.

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