Everyone has their own personal preference

Everyone has their own personal preference for things plus weird opinions.

This can naturally lead to fights, plus occasionally the things people choose to confrontation about are quite weird.

I know for a while my roommates were fighting about the thermostat temperatures. There are 3 of us in one house, plus both of us all share responsibilities of the a/c, but usually that involves scheduling Heating and A/C appointments at the air conditioning system dealer, increasing their HEPA air filter plus what not… Because of the shared responsibility, that means both of us all have to come to an agreement of what the temperature should be set at… Personally, I absolutely don’t care. I am pretty versatile when it comes to temperatures, plus it takes a lot before the temperatures will entirely get to me. So I didn’t mind either way what the thermostat was set to. However, I can’t say the same for my roommates, the thermostat is pretty pressing to both of them. Because of that, there were constant fights about what the thermostat should be set to. It got pretty bad to the point where one was threatening to transfer out. I eventually intervened plus gave the suggestion of having the thermostat set to their preferred temperatures at weird parts of the day. My first roommate is gone most of the afternoon, which gives my other roommate the occasion to have their preferred temperature. By the time my first roommate comes home, my other roommate is already gone off to work, so then they could have their number one temperature set. This solution seemed to be sufficient enough for both of them.

a/c worker