HVAC problems can entirely bother some people

There are some tepid button problems that you just don’t talk about with people unless you’re close to them, and even then, it can be risky.

Some obvious examples are religion and politics, however, in our family, 1 of those subjects is heating, ventilation, and A/C. I guess of all of the topics you can choose from, heating and cooling is entirely a peculiar 1, however it’s because most of my family is in the HVAC industry in 1 way or another. With some being HVAC dealer owners and others being official HVAC workers. With all the people being well educated on heating technology, this obviously leads to discussions on what HVAC system works best, and this is where the disagreeing can come in. My father is undoubtedly old fashioned and prefers things old school, his natural preference is for the central cooling system. My mom entirely prefers to try modern systems though, such as the geothermal heat pump. This wouldn’t be too bad, because they could consistently agree to disagree, however since our last heating and cooling unit went the way of the dodo, that means someone is going to have to settle for a HVAC unit they don’t want, and that is where the issue arises. It causes such bad fights between everybody, because my brother and I join in with our personal opinions on HVAC machines and it just gets ugly hastily. The topic of HVAC has been banned as a discussion from our family because of all of the fights.

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