Buying a gift to myself

I have not purchased myself anything in a long time.

I have been actually frugal with my money. And I figured it was about time that I really did buy something. I was tired of going without things just to be cheap so to speak. For my office that I have in my house I needed some kind of extra air conditioning system. It gets quite hot in there in the summer. So what I always wanted to do was get a portable to go in my office space. That way it can compliment the central air conditioning system and keep myself and others cool while I work. I did not get 1 before because I was being cheap with my spending. But it was well time I did something and got myself a gift of sorts. And this gift was a brand current portable air conditioning system plan for my office! I can tell you that working at house is now so much easier with the portable I can relax more and I am not feeling like I have to leave the room every hour just to get some cooling from other parts of the house. The reason why the central air conditioning system lacks in the office is because there is only 1 air vent. While in other rooms in the house there are at least 2. This makes a difference when trying to heat or cool a room while in drastic weather. And the portable air conditioning system plan that I purchased does just this. It makes it so that the air conditioning system really flows.

a/c worker