I’m a fantastic handyman

I actually have to give myself credit.

I can be a actually fantastic handyman when I want to be and when the situation calls for it. For instance just the other week the grates of the air vents to my central heating plus A/C system plan seemed to be loose! Every single time the heating or the air conditioning system would come on you would hear this rattle sound. That was how loose they were. Some people may have spent hundreds of dollars to call their local heating plus A/C system dealer to send out 1 of their certified heating and cooling specialists to repair those grates. But not me! I am not going to spend that kind of money for something I can do myself with a little bit of work. I went and got my tools out of the basement and a ladder. I got up on every single air vent and tightened the screws to make them secure once again. And that was it! Problem solved! What happens is after a while, the grates of the air vents to any central heating plus A/C system plan will come loose because of the condensation of the heat and air conditioning system, keeping an eye on them is actually important because if 1 of those grates dropped off and you happened to be under them, it could either kill you or give you a nice hospital bill and concussion. So always listen for the rattle noise and act accordingly. Thankfully, I always do. I hope you will also do the same after studying this if you do not already do it.