Another pandemic is bad news for everybody

Are we going to get bombarded by another pandemic? I’m seeing that the monkeypox cases are going up extremely fast & it makes me truly wonder if we will have a new wave of this virus now.

I invested in this stock SIGA because they make a vaccine for the virus & their stock has been climbing since the horrific outbreak was reported. I wonder how it came to be? Anyways, life basically has to carry on & I have to keep working at the heating & cooling machine dealership like nothing has changed. I plan on possibly taking a trip back to the states in September to work for my awesome friend, the local contractor, but if this new virus gets out of hand then I am going to simply stay put in my village here overseas. Traveling is horrible enough without any virus scares so if the monkeypox thing keeps growing then it looks like I won’t be traveling for a fairly long while. I will just keep working with my Heating, Ventilation, & A/C machine tech buddies here over the Winter season holidays & save money for my upcoming trip home when things calm down in due time. I am not built for airports & airlines & any option I get to avoid them is good by me. I almost lost my suitcase in the airport the last time I traveled because I left it in the bathroom by accident. Also, the a/c machine in the airports & planes is usually too nippy for myself and others & I end up getting sick for a few nights after my flights. Flying is pretty much for the birds.

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