Air conditioning in the treehouse

Installing an in the treehome was a stroke of genius.

  • It was my stroke of genius, & although my partner disputed it at the time she has come to disclose I was right all along.

Basically, every one of us have a very small house, & some very noisy & rambunctious kids. My partner & I do not get a lot of quiet time, & so my thought was to make the kids such an amazing & fun treehome that they would spend their free time there, & leave the home quiet for my partner & I. Installing electrical hook-ups & a portable was all to make the treehome as comfortable as possible. Some afternoons they even sleep out there, & that is okay! I believe they are safe & comfortable, protected from nature & enjoying perfect weather conditions control. The Heating & Air Conditioning plan was an extra expense that every one of us couldn’t actually afford, but I recognize it was worth the money. Now that they have & power in the treehome the kids only want to come inside for meals. This makes our home nice & quiet, & I get to spend a lot more private time with my fiance. When they are playing in the treehome I barely hear my kids’ voices over the loud hum of the I have already decided that when the kids get tired of their air conditioned tree house, then my fiance & I will transport in there! It has power, wireless, & , so I wouldn’t mind sleeping in there just for the peace & quiet.


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