My friend and I are both in the heating and cooling industry

I did a lot of chest exercises late last year plus I’m pretty sore as a result. I want to get some stretching in soon so that this stiffness plus pain goes away. My buddy worked out with myself and others too plus she said her chest hurts so terrible she can hardly walk. She also said when she walks her chest kind of bounces plus hurts very bad. I guess maybe we overdid it with her first real chest workout this year. She is definitely a heating business plus we met last year in the heating plus A/C store where I work. She was looking for a radiant furnace plus we ended up chatting about life for an hour or so. It’s nice to have a buddy you can relate to plus connect with the enjoyment I have with him. Her local corporation does well plus it is really because she cares about people plus takes the time to talk to them and enjoy a friend. I’ve typically gained a lot from him plus really the best lesson she has taught myself and others is to do biweekly yoga plus meditation. My yoga studio is my dining room because I keep it comfortable with the temperature control idea when it is very sizzling out in the summer. Also, in the Winter when it is too cold to go outside I am nice plus cozy in my flat while I do yoga. I see some groups doing yoga outside in the Winter however I don’t enjoy this because I actually get injured a lot more that way. I’ve l gained some things from my heating plus A/C tech buddy plus am glad she taught herself and others them.

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