You can’t change the temperature of the interior of a hotel outside of your room

Some people definitely get warm easily, some people get cold easily, in our case I am the ladder.

I have constantly been sensitive to the cold ever since I was a kid.

It could be 65 degrees out plus I will be shivering, I just don’t have a lot of body fat plus I am sensitive to cold temperatures. Some of our besties plus I went on holiday plus we booked a actually nice hotel! This hotel we were going to stay at for a few days while we were on holiday, and everything about this locale is perfect except for a single thing, the steady temperature of the indoor air… Well I could adjust the temperature in the room, I couldn’t adjust the temperature of the entire hotel overall plus it was way too cold for our particular liking. The hotel was so nice too, they had dinner, lunch plus dinner, a large swimming pool, plus even a spa! The beds were also large plus roomy plus the entire locale was well decorated, so why did they have to keep everything so cold? This locale would be perfect if they didn’t have everything so cold. I even went up to the front desk and then I asked if they could raise the temperature in the hotel but it was just a couple of degrees… But they refused to do so plus told me the temperature on the thermostat was firm. I was extremely disappointed but once I adjusted the temperature in the room to our liking, I was able to get used to it.

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