I thought all they made the cherry furniture out of cherry wood.

I was naïve enough to think that cheap cherry furniture was made from real cherry wood.

I found a lovely little cherry rocking chair, and it was perfect for my living room.

I brought it home, and my daughter and her dolly immediately confiscated it. When my husband came home, he looked at the chair, our daughter seated on it, and asked where I picked it up. I told him it was in the discount center, and it was a piece of their cherry furniture collection. He told me it was a beautiful cherry stain, but he was thinking it was more oak than cherry furniture. I was devastated, but it made sense considering what I paid for the rocking chair. A part of me wanted to go back to the store and complain that they were using false advertising to sell the furniture, but they weren’t. When you looked at the finest lines with a magnifying glass, it read that it was cherry stained, oak furniture, and all sales were final. Even though I was disappointed that my small piece of cherry furniture wasn’t cherry wood at all, I wasn’t going to complain. Our daughter loved that rocker and spent many hours rocking her dolls and herself to sleep. The faux cherry rocker was one of the best pieces of furniture I ever bought, and my daughter proved that point for me. When her little brother was born, she told me I could have the rocker. Her dollies no longer needed to be rocked to sleep, but her little brother did. Six weeks later, she was rocking him to sleep because it was her rocker and not mine.


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