I can service our own car, however I cannot handle plumbing concerns

I consider myself to be a particularly handy person. I work with my hands every afternoon as a motorcar mechanic and I am pretty fantastic with electrical, audio, and mechanical concerns. And I respectfully help our friends when they have concerns with their cars. Bobby had an issue last time with his radiator and all of us worked together to service the concern on a Thursday afternoon. I did not mind helping out our friend, because our friends are there to help me when I need something too. I had a drain line issue in our new home and I did not have to call a costly plumbing service near me, instead I contacted our neighbor carl. Carl works for a licensed plumbing company and I did some motor car repairs for Carl last month and I called him to return the favor. I guess I got the better end of the deal as Carl was working on the plumbing concern for many hours and it only took me a minute to service the brakes on his car. After Carl was finished with the plumbing repairs, both of us sat outside and drank numerous beers. Carl told me all about the vacation that he recently took with his partner, and he showed me pictures of the little ladies and all of us talked about our plans for the summer. Both of us had some time to catch up and talk and still got the plumbing repairs completed. It’s really nice to have a group of friends with different talents and strengths. When a single one of us needs help, it means there is constantly someone to lend a hand.