My Partner is Totally Destroying our Poor HVAC Unit in the Home

Wendy and I have been together for over twenty years I believe.

She is my best buddy as well as my fiance, and I can’t imagine life without her.

All that may be true, but now that she has hit menopause Wendy is going through some swings, and I am doing my best to help her, but there is only so much I can do. She has terrible mood swings now, through no fault of her own. Wendy has never experienced this before, and there are some afternoons I feel as though I’m married to an odd person. Her internal control device is also broken, because she gets cold spells as well as boiling hot flashes in equal measure. This has translated into her abusing the actual control device for the house as she tries to make herself more comfortable. This is difficult for myself and others personally, and I suppose it’s running the heating and air conditioning plan ragged. She will go from being freezing cold and switching on the heater, to sweltering hot and switching the a/c back on fifteen minutes later. It would be one thing to keep the a/c going, or even turning it on and off. But I suppose switching quickly between heating and cooling will have damaging effects to the equipment. Next week I have a heating and air conditioning inspection booked so I can get an expert opinion on the state of my system, as well as how to make it run better. If she is taking too large a toll on my equipment, it may be easier to get Wendy a portable space heater, as well as an A/C device to carry around the lake house with her.



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