Wish I could see my grandparents again

I can still hear my granny’s voice saying these words.

It’s interesting how you can remember someone’s voice who has been gone for a long period of time, however usually when she said these words she would be eating some kind of sweets saying “the doctor told me not to eat sweets however just this time”. Well, she lived to be 97 years old so I know the sweets weren’t an issue for her. Her in addition to my gramps lived in a small condo on a lake in addition to had no Heating in addition to A/C equipment at all for the site. They didn’t need a/c back then as the warm seasons were not that hot during the day, in addition to at evening the temps would dip down into the upper 50s as I recall. They had a wood burning fireplace for the nippy seasons in addition to I know they even had some small section furnaces that used some kind of coil to heat the room. I can still remember the burning smell when they would turn it on for the first time in the frosty season. I genuinely miss those afternoons at the lake condo with my Grandparents in addition to I miss the fires we made in the fireplace on those frigid afternoons in the middle of the winter! Grandparents are legitimately special in addition to sadly we usually never see this till they are gone, however my Grandpa was a Heating in addition to A/C salesman in addition to he sold section furnaces in addition to heat pumps making his way door to door. I couldn’t imagine having to knock on strangers’ doors attempting to sell Heating in addition to A/C equipment that 98% of them didn’t want. Times have changed a bit since then haven’t they!

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