Get that hydronic heating system going

I think I may need to put a pair of socks on my feet because my toes are numb plus hurting.

I stubbed my little toe yesterday on the corner of the wall plus it certainly hurt, especially this morning when I went in the cold sea for 10 minutes.

It is kind of orange today plus I am going to buy some crocs to wear in the flat so this doesn’t happen again. I don’t really like wearing crocs outside because I get ridiculed by all of my friends plus even strangers. It genuinely doesn’t help that the local company only sold pink or orange crocs either, but that is all they had plus my local company neighbor is having a field day each time he sees me in my flat wearing them. I made the mistake of wearing them to the beach the other day plus I am going to be scarred for life from all of the flack I caught from my buddies who saw me in them. Oh well, at least they are comfy. Plus when I am working on my heating as well as air conditioning system I don’t have to worry about stubbing my toe on a heat pump or some other piece of heating as well as air conditioning equipment. There is nothing worse than stubbing your already sore toe again before it has an opportunity to heal, but anyway, I am going to head out in a few minutes plus see if the heating as well as air conditioning company down the road has any modern HEPA filters for the system in my home. Have a good day plus cheerful Easter!


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